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Lineart + Values

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Lineart + Colors

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Full Render

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Cel Shade

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Official Art of Li Print

(24x36in Poster Size)

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$50 Each


$150 Each

To begin a commission, simply send me descriptions of what you'd like to:

1. After receiving your submission, I will review and quote you a price and estimated delivery date        for the final piece. 

2. If we agree with the price and delivery date, then I request an upfront payment of 50%.

3. Upon receiving initial payment, I will begin a rough, concept sketch to send for approval.

4. Depending on your feedback, I will take the piece to a finish (or further sketches if necessary) and      send you a thumbnail for your final edits/approval.

5. Assuming you are happy with the final thumbnail, I will request the remaining 50% of payment to      be sent. 


6. Upon confirmation, I will send the full resolution final to you.

All payments can be made to my PayPal

Thank you!



All starting prices listed above are for a single, full-body piece of the complexity level of the 'Slayer' character with an (optional) simple background.

(4K Desktop Height/7.2in Print Size)  

If the customer is requesting something with less complexity than the Slayer sample, then the total cost could possibly be less than the indicated starting price.  Similarly, adding more complexity like elaborate armor, wings, pets, detailed backgrounds, and so on, could result in increasing or multiplying the starting prices indicated.

For a sense of how additional pricing works, please see the examples below.  All percentages are added to the starting price of any chosen style you'd like.

Example 1

Adding an owl pet (+$25%) and a forest background (+$50%) to the 'Slayer' character above

would result in a total of $350 for the Line-art Style or $700 for the Cel-Shade Style.

Example 2

Adding feathered wings (+50%) and an armored horse mount (+75%) would result in a total of $450 for the Line-art Style or $675 for the Line-art+Colors Style.

Example 3

Complex Mecha Armor with wings and special FX (+100%) with a complex sci fi background (+200%) would result in a total of $1000 for the Line-art Style or $1800 for the Full Render Style.

Please note: Due to the special nature of their styles,

background and print sizes for 'Official Art of Li Prints' and 'Tarot'

are included in their respective starting prices.

These are just estimations and you do not need to do any calculations.  Just email me what you'd like and I'll reply to you with a quote!


This completely transfers the rights of the image from me to the client.


I retain exclusive rights to the image, but the client may reuse the image for asset production and/or resale of derivative products.

RUSH JOB: +50%

This fee will push your commission to the top of my non-corporate, non-stream queue.



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